Add digital skills to your team.

Free Hiring Process

Step 1: Place your resource requirements with us. No charges and totally free hiring process.

Free Candidate Selection

Step 2: We will help you identify the best candidate and complete the on-boarding process for you. No charges and free selection support.

Free training and on-boarding

Hired: We will manage the necessary training and on-boarding on your behalf. No charges until the candidate starts the role.

You have complete control

We ensure that your virtual employee provides you with the same service experience as someone co-located and delivers to the same standards.

Hire any skill for any Industry within days.

We aim to fill all roles within a 4 week period. 

IT Resources

Hire an IT resource for your chosen applications. We have a team working on various technologies and platforms like Java, CRM, IT Support.


Hire an Engineer in any discipline ranging from Mechanical, Electronics, Chemical to Automation.

Digital Marketing

Hire a Digital Marketing expert: Be seen on social media and digital platforms to get more customers. Get a resource to support your digital marketing initiatives.

Accounts & Bookkeeping

Hire back office Admin resources: to manage your accounts, payroll processing, bookkeeping, Invoices, expenses, compliance processes and back office operations.

Specialist field

Hire for any Specialist field. We will bear the cost of training the resources for your custom requirement and charge when they start the role.

Project Resources

Hire Project Manager, Consultants: Business Analyst and Project lead to manage your short-term IT requireemnts

Develop your Digital capability.

Cross train on your digital platform.


SALES applications: Get a multi-channel CRM to improve sales, add gamification, develop intelligent reports and analytics dashboards and link forms to your website for leads capture.


MARKETING APPS: Convert visitors to Customers using AI, easy to setup campaigns, social media activities, surveys and integrated forms.


SUPPORT applications: Get a multi-channel Help Desk to prioritize customer support requests and resolve issues remotely in a timely manner.

Productivity & Collaboration

PRODUCTIVITY & COLLABORATION applications: Get hosted email, team messaging app, office automation apps, Document collaboration, project tracking, virtual meetings and digital signature applications.


HR & FINANCE applications: Manage online accounting, invoices, recurring subscriptions, expenses, inventory, online checkout, Recruitment and People management applications.


MOBILE applications: Get 40+ complimentary mobile applications and put your business first - wherever you go. There's a mobile application that connects you with your virtual employee.

Your 1-Stop Service Provider

IT support, Office Automation, Data Backup & Security, Web commerce, Digital Marketing and IT resources.

A Risk free approach for your next hire.