Worried about Big companies eating into your Local Business?

Pay-as-you-Earn application offers single page booking snapshot. You can quickly find all your bookings, payments, jobs using an easy to use application.

Taxi Management

All-in-One website, and back end app for Taxi management, bookings, manage multiple drivers, settle accounts

Pay as you Earn

Pay nothing to install. Start using our application and only Pay as you Earn

Grow your Business

We also help you grow your Business through Digital Marketing and search optimisation - all inclusive

Solid Support

Never miss a customer call or Booking with our back office support

Application features.

Manage your Business on the move, easy to use and full of useful features.

Anytime - Anywhere

Device optimised website so your customers can book from ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Anytime’

1-click operation

Easy to use booking application with 1-click functions like booking and Invoicing

Email/SMS Notifications

Send automated email alerts and text notifications about booking status and confirmation

Payment gateway

Flexibility to accept online payments through a secure, International payment gateway

Reports, dashboard

Get a glimpse of your business operations in a single dashboard for focused action

Calendar integration

Get a view of all bookings, planned activities by day, week or month

Maps & Location

Know about your fleet location, proximity to a job and plan accordingly

Customer Confidence

Customer knows the driver, journey, route and fare details for transparency

Your 1-Stop Service Provider

IT support, Office Automation, Data Backup & Security, Web commerce, Digital Marketing and IT resources.

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