Digital SMB

We solve your Business Problems.

We can turnaround your Business by addressing pressing issues like Sales, Marketing, Online Payments, Customer Service, Office Automation, Regulatory processes etc.


All our engagements start with your business problem statement.


We leverage our global experience, modern technology platform(s) and digital transformation skills to analyse the issues and recommend next steps.


We use our digital transformation framework to provide solutions and implement them in iterative steps.


Our continuous improvement process consolidates your existing revenue streams and opens up new revenue streams at the same time.

We deliver Business outcomes.

Knowing what you want from Digital Transformation is the key to your turnaround. We know and we deliver.

Become a Digital SMB.

At, we provide the skills to meet your business needs.

IT Support
We provide IT support for all cloud applications - think of us as your 1 stop solution provider
Office Automation
Get your email and other office apps on Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Work
Data Protection

Get a grip on how you manage your internal and customer data across channels and applications to remain compliant and secure.

Web Presence
Get online with a responsive website, mobile-commerce and sell globally
Digital Marketing
Be seen on social media and digital platforms to get more customers
Contact center Resources

Hire staff to manage your Inbound, outbound contact center and customer services operations.

Your 1-Stop Service Provider

Digital Transformation - CRM platform, Office Automation, Data Backup & Security, Web commerce, Digital Marketing, IT resources and much more.

Latecomers can succeed at digitization if they take these five steps, courtesy McKinsey Digital



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