Worried about Big Internet companies eating into your Local Business?

Pay-as-you-Earn application offers single page booking integrated with your website. Customers can book anytime, using any device

B&B, Motel Booking
All-in-One website and back end app for Hotel room reservations, online account transactions
Pay as you Earn
Pay nothing to install. Start using our application and only Pay as you Earn
Grow your Business
We also help you grow your Business through Digital Marketing and search optimisation - all inclusive
Solid Support
Never miss a customer call or Booking with our back office support agents

Application features.

Extend your Hotel on the Internet at no extra cost, easy to use and full of useful features.

Anytime - Anywhere
Device optimised website so your customers can book from ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Anytime’
1-click operation
Easy to use booking application with 1-click functions like booking and payments
Email/SMS Notifications
Send automated email alerts and text notifications about booking status and confirmation
Payment gateway
Flexibility to accept online payments through a secure, International payment gateway
Reports, dashboard
Get a glimpse of your business operations in a single dashboard for focused action
Date and Room View
Get a view of all bookings and availability by day, week or month - publish online
Smart pricing
Smart pricing based on past booking and availability - get maximum profits per room
Customer Confidence
Integrate weather, food and review sections, social recommendations and feedback

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