Forget your past IT problems.

We deliver IT as a Service from 2% of turnover.

The cloud has arrived and brought with it a host of business growth opportunities for small and mid-size businesses like never before. Compete with large enterprises who are already using this approach and the Cloud.

Over the past 12 months, we have been busy delivering IT as a Service to a host of customers.

Amazing Customer Interface

Web and Mobile experience was at the forefront of this change. Customers loved it and employees found it much easier to use.

Close more Sales

We simplified the process of closing a sale resulting in more customers placing orders and improving cash flow.

One subscription, One Vendor

Gone were the days when no vendor took responsibility for a failed service and the total IT spend was out of control. Our digital platform provides much better service at a fixed monthly cost.

Cloud applications

Work smarter with cloud applications and compete with large enterprises. There is a cloud application for every department and business function.

Virtual Employees

Hire an employee who works only for you, at half the cost. Large companies already use these highly skilled resources and now you can, too.

One Monthly Subscription

Control your monthly spend. Pay just one subscription for all your applications. Get skilled resources. Compete and win.

#1 Growth Strategy

IT as a Service was inspired by a publication from McKinsey in 2014 aptly titled 'Big business in small business: Cloud services for SMBs' by Julie Avrane-Chopard, Thomas Bourgault, Abhijit Dubey and Lohini Moodley

We then implemented this strategy, taking inputs from small business owners, working with Microsoft, channel team and other cloud service providers. Today, the team are successfully managing transformation projects for our customers.

What you get is a combination of IT services on cloud, working in harmony, delivered as a monthly subscription service to 'RUN' the business at ~2% of revenue.


IT as a Service: Good for Growth

Large enterprises have already invested in the Cloud and making profits. Our smaller customers asked us to provide cloud applications to compete with large enterprises on a fixed monthly budget. 

This is when we packaged these cloud applications together to provide a "Growth Platform" on a fixed monthly subscription. You only pay for what you use.

The business owners agreed and the journey began - Today, these SMB owners are glad they took those decisions as they not only compete with the bigger players in the field but also lead the competition in their segment.


Platform to deliver IT as a Service

Be it Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service, Field Service, HR or Finance - the cloud platform delivers measurable services in a predictable manner at a predictable cost.

The SMBCloud team developed options to use one of many platforms available today:

Microsoft Cloud platform   | platform   |   Zoho ONE platform   |   Custom cloud platform

Interestingly, the customers showed very little preference for the platform itself. What they were interested in was the transition of their legacy services to cloud and how this change could be brought about with minimal or no impact on their revenue stream.

We managed the end-to-end transition to Cloud

It was all about understanding their Business, managing the Change, Delivery Assurance and Project Management.

Business Change: from Legacy to Modern Biz

As part of this transformation journey, the SMBCloud team addressed business functions and challenges as outlined below:

  • Customer Interface: Web and Mobile experience was at the forefront of this change. 
  • Payments and Channels interface: New channels went straight to the cloud platform and the process of modernization kicked in true earnest.
  • Business Change: The local team work closely with the customer to train their employees on the new platform and hand hold them as they progress.
  • A Transformation Project: We enable small businesses to jump ahead of their competition and start competing with large enterprises using proven tools and techniques.

 Technology change: from Legacy to Cloud

Several key business processes were completely overhauled with the adoption of a new cloud based approach

  • Website overhaul - Access anytime from anywhere on any device.
  • Payment gateway - enabled 24x7 sales with e-commerce
  • Digital Marketing - promote brand, products and services on traditional search and social media platforms
  • Collaboration - Get everyone on the same page with office applications and voice, data sharing tools.
  • Backup & Security - Securely access data through a VPN from anywhere.
  • CRM & ERP - Building a seamless customer experience by integrating all front and back office operations. 

Continuous Improvement and Business Support

The most important aspect of our engagement is the support that our customers receive long after the initial deployment is over. Our engagement is like a partnership where we act as an external consultant bringing our Industry wide experience to our customers and sharing new and better business practices with them.

2% of revenue for IT as a Service?

This is the optimal pricing point that meets 80% of small to mid-size business owners' requirements. A ~2% of revenue model is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone.

As an example, a customer with $5m+ in revenues and 15+ employees finds it very appealing to lock down and cap their monthly 'RUN' costs at around $8,250+ per month. This allows them to put their focus back on what matters most - Grow their Business.

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